Alec Baldwin Argues Extra Security Procedures Ought to Have Been In Place To Stop Oscar Slap


Alec Baldwin Argues More Safety Procedures Should Have Been In Place To Prevent Oscar Slap

HOLLYWOOD, CA—Alec Baldwin says
he desires to ‘shoot straight’ with the Academy and alert them of some obtrusive security
shortcomings he witnessed on the Oscars.

“I’m watching the awards, and
I started considering, take a look at how weak everyone seems to be.  Sitting geese,” Baldwin mentioned throughout a 20/20
interview.  “At any second, some
wreckless actor with nice hair may go away two, possibly three dozen useless our bodies in
his wake.  Then lo and behold, that very
factor occurred.”

The Academy issued a press release
refuting Baldwin’s accusation of negligence, however the actor claimed he ‘may shoot
holes in all their arguments.’

“For one factor, there have been no snipers strategically positioned all through the viewers and snack bar, as I’ve urged yearly since 1989.  Most of these years, I used to be packing warmth simply in case.  You keep in mind the popping balloon mishap in 2002?  These weren’t balloons,” Baldwin mentioned, softly tapping the gun inside his go well with jacket.    

Alec then simulated what he
would have performed if allowed contained in the constructing that night time.

“I woulda been like,
WILL!  Freeze!  Don’t take another step towa—”

Sadly, when Baldwin whipped out a double-action revolver, he blew away the man holding the increase mic. 

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