Congress Passes Strict Gun Management Regulation Limiting Mass Shootings to 37 Per 12 months – You Prepared Grandma


Simply hours after the newest faculty capturing – and with a surprising quantity of Republican assist – a brand new legislation has lastly been handed to deal with gun violence in America.

The invoice, which is entitled the ‘Act Legitimizing Morally Offensive Shootings At present,’ or A.L.M.O.S.T., will place restrictions on these promoting weapons, however solely after 37 mass shootings have taken place within the calendar yr.

Regardless of receiving near $10,000 in donations from the NRA final yr, Senator Ted Cruz made a notable speech.

“In some unspecified time in the future we’ve to face up and say that sufficient is sufficient – and that second is shut,” Cruz stated earlier than leaning in and whispering into the microphone “Soooo shut.”

“This measure legally limits the variety of yearly mass shootings to 37,” Cruz acknowledged. “After 37 we’ll now not enable gun sellers to function with out extra duty.”

By legislation, after the restrict is reached, the A.L.M.O.S.T. Act would require gun sellers to present consumers a stern glare and ask two questions:

“Are you loopy?”


“Are you going to shoot individuals?”

Senator Cruz emphasised that the questions ought to be requested with a “agency tone” and that these promoting weapons ought to “actually seem to be they imply it.”



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