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HOLLYWOOD megastar Russell Crowe is rumoured to be staying in the identical Dalkey home the place Matt Damon famously spent his lockdown sojourn because the Australian movies a brand new film.

If Crowe is trying to turn into public legend primary with the Irish individuals, there’s a number of issues he can do to win over the famously arduous to please and weary Irish public.

Simply be pictured in Eire

Doesn’t should be a selfie. If anybody spots you out and about that’s principally it; you’ve received everybody over Russell.

Positive, carrying a bag for all times emblazoned with a neighborhood grocery store brand on it couldn’t harm however we’ve set the bar ridiculously low lately we’re simply sorry if our obscenely giant Irish heads and poor breeding has ruined your view of the Dalkey surroundings.

The rest?

No, as we mentioned the bar was quite a bit larger. For instance, in years passed by the minimal effort required was posing with a pint of Guinness whereas disguising the very fact you assume it tastes like watered down distress.

There was a time too after we wouldn’t accept something lower than a well-known particular person marveling at the fantastic thing about the Cliffs of Moher, rescuing a kidnapped Michael D. Higgins from an anarchist terror cell or swimming out to rescue Funghi after he turned trapped in a fishing trawler internet however for some cause we as a individuals nonetheless wrestle to simply accept the very fact well-known individuals usually go to Eire for work and/or pleasure.

We’ll cease you there Russell

Don’t say one other phrase, we as a nation have all been moved by the way you’ve taken all of Eire to your coronary heart, the way you’ve mentioned the Irish are the nicest and kindness individuals who even have a zero bullshit tolerance. Oh, you didn’t say any of that and we’ve gone on some type of superstar fueled acid journey during which we’ve imagined you having an arm wrestling match with Kellie Harrington in Kitty Kiernan’s pub whereas showering us in compliments to sooth our fragile egos?

Actually for a second there we actually satisfied ourselves you’d performed your Gladiator speech as Gaeilge on the Late Late by way of reside hyperlink whereas on a rollercoaster in Tayto Park.

Ah, okay, nicely too late now anyway some gombeen councillor has already efficiently petitioned to rename Dalkey ‘Crowe’.

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