Tajikistan: A Magnificent Melting Pot of Individuals


We’ve been travelling in Central Asia for a few months now, and specifically, a month in Tajikistan. We love assembly and connecting with the native individuals of whichever nation we’re in and Tajikistan has some unbelievable individuals! It’s a powerful melting pot of individuals from all around the area.

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What I discover most intriguing about this little nation is the variety of individuals dwelling right here. Do you know that Tajiks are descendants from the Aryan individuals? Which means that they’re intently associated to Iranians, which might clarify why we’ve been seeing Persian wanting individuals with skinny noses, inexperienced eyes and light-weight’ish colored pores and skin.

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Throughout our time within the Pamir Mountains, the way in which individuals regarded appeared to alter with every day. From Osh to Murgab (and the vast majority of the Jap Pamirs), the individuals dwelling listed below are predominately Kyrgyz, who got here from the Alay Valley within the 18th and nineteenth centuries.

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After Murgab, we started to fulfill Pamiri individuals, an Iranian group dwelling within the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province (GBAO) of Tajikistan, in addition to Pakistan, China and Afghanistan. We needed to get a particular allow on our passports to have the ability to journey to the GBAO space of the Pamir Mountains, and are so glad we did. Not solely do the individuals of this area converse their very own language, however they comply with a special faith than different elements of Tajikistan. This faith is known as Ismailism and is a department of Shia Islam. Amongst many variations between the 2, they haven’t any mosques, simply assembly halls for prayer.

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From Kyrgyz to Pamiri to Wakhan individuals! The individuals of the Wakhan Valley, referred to as Wakhi individuals, converse a special language than Tajiks, Kyrgyz and Pamiri individuals. Presently they stay within the Wakhan valley of Afghanistan and Tajikistan in addition to in Pakistan and Northwestern China.

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In the event you requested somebody dwelling within the GBAO area of Tajikistan the place they had been from, they’d first classify themselves by which valley they’re from (Wakhan, and so forth.), then they’d say they’re Pamiri individuals and eventually that they’re Tajik.

The one factor that all the individuals of the mountains have in widespread is their hospitality, friendliness and talent to endure the tough climates and excessive altitudes.

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In the primary metropolis of Dushanbe, it’s an entire melting pot of individuals! Right here you’ll discover Russians, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Kyrgyz and foreigners from many different international locations, together with America, India and international locations in Africa. Mini-skirts and brightly colored headscarves stroll side-by-side. You’ll see brown, blonde, pink and black hair. You’ll discover individuals praying at mosques and sipping espresso in European cafes.

Though I want I might say that everybody will get alongside right here and dwelling in Tajikistan is filled with rainbows and lollipops for the native individuals, it’s simply not the case. Clashes between clans, poor financial state (the typical wage is about $1,200/yr) and the shut proximity with Afghanistan (which means ties to the drug commerce and the spillover of Islam extremism) are all issues this little nation and its individuals have confronted, and proceed to face.

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Even with all the hardships, the individuals are nonetheless variety and stuffed with smiles. The experiences we had with the native inhabitants of Tajikistan, irrespective of which ethnicity, race, faith or village they had been from, had been nothing however constructive. We had been greeted with hellos, invited into properties and handled like honoured friends. We’ll go away this nation with fond recollections of hospitable individuals and the good experiences we had with them.

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